What’s the Weather?

Spring in the Atlantic North East is an interesting season. It’s chilly and rainy most days, but sunny and warm for the rest. It can really be hit or miss when getting ready in the morning this time of year. Let’s talk about why

New Jerseyans make the plunge into spring this month with day & night going from an even split of 12 hours each to daytime gaining two additional hours.

TEMPERATURE: In April 2020, New Jersey, specifically, saw average highs of 58.6° & average lows of 38.7°. As far as I can remember, April days are either much warmer or much cooler than that averages, but that would explain the numbers.

HUMIDITY: The East Coast is humid from Maine to Florida. Spring is our sneak peak of what’s to expect in summer. In April: Atlantic City averages 66% relative humidity, with average highs of 80% & average lows of 51%. Newark averages 58% relative humidity, with average highs of 69% & average lows of 47%. Humidity partly contributes to the drastic fluctuation & excessive rain we get in April. However in terms of humidity comfort levels, we’re will within the “comfortable” range.

PRECIPITATION: We also get plenty of rain and sleet, but it’s been 23 years since the April Fool’s Day Blizzard (1997). “Sweet April showers / Do spring forth May flowers” was recorded as a poem by Thomas Tusser in 1557 & “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers and June bugs” as a proverb was recorded in 1886. Both come from England, where springtime south of the jet stream is a damp place to live.

WIND: Speaking of wind tho, average April wind speeds in Atlantic City, New Jersey are 12.1MPH & predominantly from the west in the first half of the month and out of the south for the second. There’s always more wind at the coast than inland, so Newark on average only expects winds around 7.2 MPH with the same directional patterns.



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