Fall is the season of change. In the spirit of fall, my boyfriend and I decided to make a change.

For the month of October (kind of), we took on the No RepEATS Challenge.

In the midst of all the disappointment 2020 has brought me & my boyfriend, we decided on a trip to visit friends who had just moved to Texas. They needed help settling in to their new home & we were both available. So, in the 30 days before we left, we decided to take the No RepEATs Challenge.

No RepEATs challenges you to not repeat any of the places you eat out from / at. I first heard about it on an episode of Harper’s BAZAAR Food Diaries on YouTube with Tyra Banks. She said she challenges herself to no repEATs for 60 days! & she also talks about ordering the same food from two comparable restaurants to compare and as a fun family dinner activity. However, in her episode, she didn’t cite where she got the idea from & I can’t find anyone credited with its origin, so if anyone knows please comment below!

I kept a simple calendar (link below) on my desk and noted every place we ate. I didn’t obsess over it and usually I had to fill in a few days at a time, but that’s okay. It should also be noted that it was our intention to eat at home as often as possible to save money before our trip.

In summary, we…

…ate 62/90 meals & 26/30 snacks at home
…had 5 repeats, which were all Dunkin’ & McDonald’s
…found 4 new places to go to regularly, and 3 of them are local coffee shops

Here are some of the new businesses we now support thanks to this challenge:

Hidden Grounds Coffee

You know that friend of yours that has the crazy idea?
The one that complains about their day job and spends their time Googling artsy pictures of new businesses. The one that tweets about this amazing party they’re at but they still feel sad and alone. We’re not those friends. We had an idea, signed a lease, pulled the trigger…”

Endgrain Coffee Roasters

“Started in 2015, Endgrain has been bringing creativity and innovation to the folks of South Jersey. Always striving for the highest quality products and fair practices, Endgrain prides itself in unique and enjoyable coffee.”

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

We’re full of beans
At Gloria Jeans we take coffee seriously, not ourselves. We’re just an energetic, down-to-earth bunch who love meeting new people and serving them great coffee, chilled drinks and delicious food. We’re an enterprising lot and always coming up with new ways to make a visit to Gloria Jean’s even funner and tastier…”

Crave Pitman

“The smell and sight of our beautiful fresh cookies will drive your taste buds crazy. Plus, they are made right in front of you! Come for our amazing cookies and stay for our sandwiches, brownies, tea and delicious mid-day snacks.”

This challenge is purely for fun, but can also make you aware of what you’ve been missing out on right in your hometown. Big business has a lot of stake in keeping you out of smaller shops, but it’s up to you to go anyway

Support Small Businesses!

p.s. if you don’t eat out much & want to take this challenge a step further, add this rule: no meal repEATS.

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