No Sew Clothing Upcycles

Staring at my closet, thinking “I have nothing to wear,” for the millionth time. Clearly, I have plenty of clothes, so why don’t I want to wear any of them?

Are they uncomfortable? Or are they just not me?

I took all this extra time I’ve had to get to the bottom of my wardrobe woes & realized it was mostly the latter.

I don’t like being cookie cutter. I like being customized.

Cut it out

Sometimes there’s just too much going on! Cut off those extra annoying do-dads. Getting back to basics can be just what an overwhelming wardrobe needs.

Tie it up

Our maybe rather than cutting up your clothes, you could restyle what’s already there. A few stitches never hurt anyone.

Dye it down

Tie Dye will forget be my favorite upcycle technique.

Bling it in

Maybe you closet is getting too basic, try adding embellishments, like rhinestones, beads, patches, and more!

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