Attracting Nature

The backyard I have not sounds like the backyard of my childhood. I’m hearing less noise and more nature.

& it’s nice, until it’s not…

While I’m not out to prohibit birds from gathering at the feeder, they wake me up every morning at 4am fighting amongst themselves.

Further back in the yard, there’s a lot of open, unused space. So, we’ve decided to put that space to good use & give the animals an area they can enjoy undisturbed.

My searching for solutions online led me to Fast Growing Trees. They have a huge inventory of trees, bushes & shrubs, and more. What’s even better is they break down their inventory by type and by solution.

Lo & behold, I scrolled down the solutions menu & found “Attracts Wildlife“.

Among the plants that attract different wildlife, my personal favorites are White Dogwood, Miss Kim Lilac Shrub, Little Gem Magnolia Tree, and Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree.