Resin Art

At home arts & crafts have always been my forte. I’ve always been slightly jealous of artists and Etsy sellers who’ve found a way to profit from such a wonderfully cathartic trade. One art form I’ve seen growing in popularity with DIYers is resin art. But, what is it exactly?

Epoxy resins are a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener. By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place so that the liquid resin gradually hardens to a solid plastic. The result is a high-gloss, clear surface… Resin is not only used in industry and boat building, but also in art. Thus, besides kitchen counters, floors, tables, pictures, jewellery or sculptures can also be cast.


Epoxy was invented by Swiss Doctor Pierre Castan & American Doctor Sylvan Greenlee in the 1930s for application in dentistry & orthodontics. However, epoxy resin has proved to be an extremely versitle material due to its durability. The relatively simple process of creating epoxy resin art has also contributed to it’s rapid growth in popularity.

Speaking of the process, there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding to launch this kind of crafting business. Instructables has a guide for beginners that I would definitely suggest pursuing before talking on an epoxy empire.

Warning: this is NOT a typical kids craft as there are liquid chemical reactions and flame torches involved!