Sanctuary Space

Finding sanctuary at home can be hard. However, experts say we need a physical happy place to escape to.

Our nervous system is greatly affected by our surrounding environment. We respond, whether we know it or not, with the production of stress hormones. These hormones can make us sick!

Dr. Mimi Guarneri MD

Dr. Guarneri offers six guidelines that I want to discuss further in terms of how to create your own five star spa at home:

  1. Turn down, or off, the noise
  2. Decrease screen time
  3. Use essential oils
  4. Create a sacred space*
  5. Bring in nature
  6. Declutter

We’re going to approach her guidelines in a slightly different order. We’ll start with number four, as we’re talking about turning our own bathroom into a sacred space. But, how to do that?

First, declutter. Clean up. Put things away. The more open space you have, the more you’ll feel like you can breathe. If you want to add more decor, bring in nature. Adding plants to your decor adds a serene sense to the room. Adding an essential oil diffuser not only adds fragrance, but also aromatherapy to your new spa. Having a bathroom fan, or a white noise machine will help block out all the unwanted noise from the outside world. & When you enter your new sanctuary, leave the phone behind. Untether yourself from the outside world every once & a while. Having time to yourself is healthy.

If you’re really trying to renovate your bathroom into a spa, take some inspiration from successful spas around the world. Condé Nast Traveller named the following as the five best spa resorts in the world:

Chiva-Som International Health Resort
Hua Hin, Thailand
Spa Guide 2020: Best Destination Spa
Euphoria Retreat
Spa Guide 2020: Best Fitness Program
Four Seasons Resort (Landaa Giraavaru)
Baa Atoll, Maldives
Spa Guide 2020: Most Meaningful Experience
MasQi, The Energy House
Alicante, Spain
Spa Guide 2020: Best Holisitic Hideaway
Ayurveda Parkschlöesschen
Traben-Trarbach, Germany
Spa Guide 2020: Best Ayurvedic Retreat

Despite being located in five different countries & having different mission statements, all five locations have some similarities in aesthetic.

The first thing to notice is that they’re all very clean & clear. There’s no visible cords & no schmutz on the counters. The next thing that caught my eye is how each location highlighted it’s own surrounding environment & complemented said scenery with natural design elements & nuetral color palettes. The addition of soft lined architecture and unique lighting features ties in each spa’s individual feel. I can’t say for certain how these places smell, but I imagine breezes laced with lavender, camomile, lemongrass, bergamot and/or patchouli, depending on the spa. Now, personally I cannot attest to the noise levels, but I can share videos that other people have taken:

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve become inspired to reimagine your at home as a sanctuary. If not, here are two of my favorite celebrity bathrooms & spas recent renovations: