Prank Organization

Combining my line for organizing and April Fool’s Day feels like a great way to beat the boredom.

Like many others, I’ve been stuck at home the last month or so, but April Fool’s Day is the blessing in disguise we all need. All little bit of harmless fun never hurt anyone. So, let’s get organized…

Step One: who to prank

Create a list of people you know you’ll see on April Fool’s Day. Eliminate from that list anyone who has no sense of humor and / or you have beef with.

Step Two: when to prank

For each person on the list, think of their daily routine & consider at which point in their day a prank would be the least invasive (i.e. covering someone in baby powder before work is not a good idea, doing it once they’re home for the day is better).

Step Three: how to prank

For each person & the possible time slots you selected for the prank(s), consider what you can alter in daily life to create a fail on purpose. Staging an obviously staged fail is a means of pranking someone without bringing emotions into it (this is why we eliminated people with no sense of humor from the list early on).

There you have it, an easy guide to pranking your way through today, have fun!