Evergreen Landscape

If you live in a region of the world that experiences winter weather (extreme cold, little sun & frozen precipitation), especially if those conditions don’t last the majority of the year, landscaping can be an annoying part of your home.

Thankfully there are plenty of year round landscaping options that you can use to keep up the curb appeal in the winter.

While matured trees should be able to survive the winter season, most will lose their leaves in autumn & won’t look very cute again until spring. However, there’s several species of trees, and shrubs, that not only survive by thrive in the winter: evergreens.

Conifers: Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, Scots Pine, Hollywood Juniper, Leyland Cyprus, Live Oak,

Shrubs: Inkberry Holly, Rhododendron, Siberian Cyprus, Blue Holly, Arborvitae, Wintercreeper, Camellia, Azalea, Boxfood, Aucuba, Yew, Mugo Pine, Mahonia,

As for flowers, you’ll likely have to pick an evergreen shrub. Most flowers don’t have the root systems to survive permafrost. However, there are some flowers that survive by going dormant: perennials.


  1. Balloon Flower
  2. Black-Eyed Susan
  3. Blazing Star
  4. Bugleweed
  5. Clematis
  6. Coneflower
  7. Cranesbill Geranium
  8. Creeping Thyme
  9. Daylily
  10. English Lavender
  11. Siberian Iris
  12. Giant Allium
  13. Hellebore
  14. New England Aster
  15. Montauk Daisy
  16. Perennial Tickseed
  17. Yarrow

Instead of sitting inside dreaming of springtime, spend winter planning your perfect evergreen / perennial landscape.

Tomorrow, December 12th is Poinsettia Day. Tho these plants are a staple for many families during the winter holiday season. That being said, they don’t do well in the cold at all. Indigenous to Central America, Poinsettias need to be kept between 65 & 75°F. They should have time in the sun, and shade & you should let the soil dry completely between waterings.