Deck the Halls

Decorating for the holidays depends on who you are and what you celebrate.

I’m an atheist who celebrates the winter solstice, Hallmark Christmas & Gregorian New Year’s.

Let’s talk….

I love spirit: School spirit. Team spirit. Holiday spirit. I got spirit. When it’s time to dress up at work, I go all out. When it came time for Halloween, I went all out. Now it’s time for Christmas, and (you guessed it) I’m going all out.

Hallmark Christmas is about glitter & sparkle. The jewel tones, the velour plush: I can’t get enough. I’m so into Christmas, even my cat is into Christmas. Once the tree skirts come out, that’s where he sleeps all December.

This year, against my usual tendencies, I went low key all out when decorating. What I mean is that instead of emptying any given room of it’s regular decor in favor of Christmas decorations, I tried to leave what was and add little bits of Christmas flare.

My least favorite part about decorating for holidays is going soon after you then have to take everything down. So rather than giving myself more work in January…I didn’t!

This time of year is about spending time with family & friends, so my posts with be shorter.

Put up the tree

String up the stockings

Hang the lights


Throw tinsel on everything