A week away a week away

So far for me, 2019 has been an interesting one. In two days, I turn 26 & supposedly 25 is supposedly a year that makes or breaks you. Now that said year had come to and end I can positively say it’s shown me pretty significant change. I left the two jobs I had since 2015 & finally established myself as an educator. Come September, I plan to pursue the proper certification to become a special education preschool teacher. BUT! This time next week, I will be well on my way to summer vacation… Finally!

When it comes to planning for vacation, I may go a bit overboard, but I want to share my process as it may help or inspire someone else’s.

If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, or have caught up on reading, you’ll remember: The Ultimate Packing ListPacking and Then Some.

If you know me, you know I love to plan things waaaaay ahead of time, a lot of times to me own demise. This time around the vacation plans were so up in the air I didn’t know for sure we were going until last week. Two weeks to plan and pack for a 5-day-6-night-driving-there-and-back-minimum-budget Florida Vacation doesn’t seem to stress him out as much as it does me.

So far I’ve….

  • Bought snacks
  • Built an Itinerary & a Meal Plan
  • Wrote a Grocery List
  • Started Packing my Suitcase

I still need to…

  • Finish packing suitcase
  • Pack purse
  • Pack car
  • Drive there
  • Buy groceries
  • Set up for the week

I’m trying not to be too difficult about any of this because I want only good vibes for this vacation. On that very short note, I leave you. (I figure you suffered enough last post.)