The world we live in exists on two separate planes and few are even aware. The first is reality. The one all actually live in. The other is virtual reality. The one you create for yourself to live in, specifically on the internet.

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Heed my warning:

The beast we feed; The beast they need.

All the following are personally selected definitions from Urban Dictionary. While some do not respect Urban Dictionary as a reputable source for information, I find it to be the most up-to-date reference guide on colloquial terms & phrases.


To dismiss something/somebody. To reject an individual or an idea
Kate: I love doughnuts used as a bun to my burger
Me: Ew! You’re cancelled

by Flossy333 March 10, 2018

Cancel Culture

A thing that [people] do when a celebrity has said something “offensive” …and they go ballistic on them and claiming them as “canceled.” They basically think that they’re some type of activist and they think they’re doing the world a favor but in reality they look [ignorant].
Man 1: “Wow that celebrity is getting a lot of backlash.”
Man 2: That’s because cancel culture got to them man. A bunch of [ignorant people] think that digging up old offensive tweets will make them a hero, pretty wack.
by Heccly March 25, 2019
edited by me July 11, 2019


1. To disbelive something so much that some kind of hard evidence is required.
2. To be so frustrated by a social situation that you wish there was some kind of red tape to guide it with.
Origin Whitney Houston’s Diane Sawyer interview, where Whitney requests Diane provide reciepts for her allegation of over $100,000 Crack Cocaine purchases.
1a. “Miss Whitney does not do crack, o.k.! Crack is for poor people! I want you to show me the receipts Diane, Show Me The Receipts!” 
1b. Carl,”I met Johnny Depp last night at the Green Mill and we sat up drinking and screwing hookers till dawn!” 
Tad, “Receipts Carl, receipts.” 
2. Wancy, “They’re waiting for us down at Friends, we’ve got to leave now. Guy’s, Guy’s, is anyone listening to me? We have to go or they’ll all be drunk as shit when we get there… (muttering dejectedly) receipts…”
by Krazy-K September 07, 2005

Drama Channel


A very marginalized group in society. Consists of people who make a career of posting on social media. See James Charles.
James Charles: “Being invited to such an important event like the ball is such an honor and a step forward in the right direction for influencer representation in the media and I am so excited to be a catalyst.”

To date, July 2019, James Charles (for example) has been “cancelled” 4 times…

…in the 3 years since he was signed by CoverGirl as their first male ambassador…ever. …in the 5 years he’s been doing make-up publicly as an openly gay teenager
…in the 20 years since he was birthed onto this planet.

He’s hardly the “perfect” example of someone who is (or even could be) cancelled, because he is literally still developing mentally & emotionally. He also had no business (in my personal opinion) being so public on social media – even to this day. He was quite literally a child when he became a millionaire. What kind of child (even at 19) from the average white american family knows how to responsibly be a millionaire. I wouldn’t. Most high schools don’t teach you to manage your own finances & I’m sure you’re parents don’t think you would need to be worried about managing multi-million dollar contracts at 18, but nowadays it happens more often than you think.

I’m not saying I know that James is frivolous with his money (something he claims to hoard for the important purchases in life, while wearing tens of thousands of dollars in well earned white gold jewelry from Tiffany’s & Cartier). Because herein lies the issue:

As someone who initially made his career and built his following on his journey up into make-up royalty by being “extra”, we basically obligated him to keep going & keep out doing himself. While this does push him creatively to produce amazing make-up creations (& more). It also pushes him as a person to points that aren’t good for anyone, something he’s gotten candid about in the past. If he doesn’t do more than the average person, he’s not worth looking at because we don’t know him personally, so why get invested if we can’t be jealous. If he doesn’t spend significantly more than the average person, we’d have no reason to continue watching him “grow.” But, what we’re watching isn’t growth, it’s the exploitation of James as a person. If his engagement isn’t high, neither are his paychecks. It’s quite vicious & unfortunate, for everyone involved.

James Charles is a talented, but flawed human being. I believe he has responded with being both fake & sincere at moments when addressing his short-comings. However, as someone who does not know him personally, I can only go off the opinion I’ve formed as someone who’s read into the drama, but also watched him as a fan. James is a victim of the machine, but he’s also a challenge for it & it a challenge for him. I believe James is amazingly ambitious & I attribute that to his age. He’s young & active. His live is exciting & vibrant. People want to see what he’s going to do / wear / sing / slay next. He’s relevant, until he’s not. & Then he has to do something just a bit crazier than last time to be the most relevant again. There are lots of fans who genuinely love his art & who he inspires immensely, but that’s detracted from by the way the rest of his audience demands consistency & perfection from someone still finding his way.

& That’s the problem with this insane machine that is the social media industry.

We all knew the internet was a powerful tool & many warned it was a dangerous weapon. What I’ve come to find is that the progression of technology, has been the repression of communication. Though we seem to account for error even in the most calculated of machines, we still can’t seem to wrap our heads around the fact the no human was, is or ever will be perfect.