We’re Halfway There

Today, July 2nd, 2019, marks the officially recognized hallway point of the calendar year. (If it was a leap year, it would have been yesterday.) With 183 behind us & 182 left to go, more specifically midpoint was noon (12:00:00) with 12 hours behind us & 12 left to go.

So, what have you done with the first 15854400 seconds of the year? Do you waste them all? A lot? Only a few? You do realize you likely spent 1/3 of it (5270400 seconds) sleeping? Did you bask in the other 2/3rds? Or did you whine them all away?

Now that I’ve got you in perspective, how will you spend the last 15768000 of 2019?

Real Talk: My days are probably 1/3 sleeping, 1/3 bitching, and 1/3 getting shit done. That’s for 25, nearly 26, year & counting. I have a lot of excuses. I like to place blame. I go home to only myself at night & I know I shouldn’t, but it makes my failures & flaws more acceptable to think it’s not just my fault. I don’t choose the federal student loan interest rates that are keeping me poor. I don’t set the cost of living that keeps me living with my dad. I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with someone who lives over an hour away.

What I do choose is to re-certify the income driven plan that keeps my minimum monthly payments so low, my credit score is sky high. What I do set is my standard for living, regardless of where I call “home.” What I do know is that I’m not the only one facing these struggles & I shouldn’t convince myself otherwise.

What I am realizing is something that I’ve known all along. The laws of earth science, more specifically physics, tells us that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Or for my life’s purposes: “for every reaction there’s and equal and opposite action.” Meaning for everything I could bitch about, I could do something about to better my life, or someone else’s, instead. Flipping yours struggles around to work for, not against you is easier said than done. Life takes time & so does growing up / growing into your place in the world.

Let’s use this day to remember as far as we’ve come, we’ve got just as much to go.

One half of my life has put the other half in the grave. Pierre Corneille

A half-truth is usually less than half of that. Bern Williams

The first half of our lives are ruined by our parents and the second half by our children. Clarence Darrow

Facts about July 2nd

Birthdays: NASCAR driver & commentator Richard Petty, Trans- activist Sylvia Rivera, singer Michelle Branch, and actors Margot Robbie & Lindsey Lohan.

Death Anniversaries: astrologer Nostradamus, composer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, author Earnest Hemingway, actor, singer, & dancer Betty Grable, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.







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