Let’s Cook Outdoors

When it comes to cooking, you should do as much of it outdoors as you can.

I remember one year being able to grill on Christmas day (in New Jersey) & it was awesome. If all my food could be cooked over an open flame, I’d be a very happy camper (which is why I hate electric stoves).

Nature handles basically all of the clean up for you. No need to wipe spilled grease off the patio or pick up crumbs. & If you live where it gets hot, you can save yourself from turning on the oven or stove by firing up the grill.

Ways to cook outdoors:


I’m no grill expert & I usually mess up quite a bit when grilling unsupervised, so I’m going to lead you to some experts: The Kitchn.

The biggest misconception about the grill is that it’s only for meats & maybe some vegetables, but you can do so much more than that.


I’ve never had or used a smoker myself, but smoked meat warms my southern heart. The same as with the grill, the smoker can go sweet or savory.

The smoke is what makes barbecue so iconic. While any type of wood works to infuse smoke flavor into your food, each type adds a unique flavor and aromatic element to your food. Not all smoke is created equally, and some smokes are better suited for certain meats and big game. So let’s take a look at the unique characteristics of each fuel source

& If you still don’t believe me about barbequed desserts, check this out.

Fire Pit

Anything you can do on a grill, you can rig on a fire pit. Plus, you don’t usually transport fire pits, they’re usually made of what’s available. All you’d need to be concerned about having is parts essential to build your outdoor kitchen rig.

Open Fire Pot Suspension

DIY Over Fire Grill (Video)

Pre-Made Camping Kitchen

Plenty of outdoor equipment companies sell portable kitchens that typically consist of a small grill, table, storage & even a light hook. These are great for camping & give you more options than some fire pit rigs.

DIY Camping Oven

As a girl scout, I was fortunate to have a troop leader who was extremely dedicated to her position. She really did everything in her power & ability to expose us to as much innovation as possible & to instill in us a great sense of resourcefulness – something I can thank her for, as it is one of my better qualities.

On an extended camping trip, she taught us how to build our own charcoal run outdoor oven out of a cardboard box & ton foil. & We baked biscuits in it & they were delicious.

The closer you get to nature the better & that’s no different with food, so get outside & let’s get cooking.

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