Staycation Station

Everyone knows what a vacation is, but what about a staycation?

According to Word Spy the earliest example of the word in literature was in 2003 by Terry Massey in “Sports world doesn’t stop for vacation.”

By definition, a “vacation” should involve vacating, as in going away. Mine was more like a “stay-cation

So, what are all the things you need for the perfect stay-cation? Stay tuned.

A true staycation, in my opinion, is one you spend where you live, but others would consider “vacationing” in the area you live in (i.e. staying at a nearby hotel or resort) would be staycationing. For the purpose of this post, we’re gonna stick to true staycations.

There are three things that will set your true staycation apart from any other day at home:

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Entertainment


When you vacation at a hotel, you’ll likely have turn down service. When you staycation at home, you will likely not have this option, unless you contract someone to do so for you. My advice is clean the living daylights out of your entire home before the staycation (& strictly instruct everyone else you live with to respect that), so you have nothing to worry about.


Another option you won’t have is room service, so meal plan the week before you staycation & make yourself a menu of your favorite options. Pancakes & waffles can be kept frozen, easily defrosted & topped with fresh fruit & whipped topping for breakfast. There are also many brands that make frozen breakfast sandwiches & other treats you can make in under 5 minutes. While it may not seem glamorous, it will save you time & still be tasty. Buying a couple loaves of good brad & a variety of deli meats & cheeses in small quantities will give you a buffet like option each day for lunch. Additionally, you can buy substantial amounts of vegetables like greens, onion & tomato for not only sandwiches, but also salads. As for dinner, treat yourself. You’re saving so much money “vacationing” this way, order some take out, get some delivery, or go out for dinner, but whatever you do – enjoy it.


The final aspect to a perfect staycation is staying entertained while still at home. This is where you have to maximize the potential of your own home. If you have an area to lay out, there’s your tanning salon. If you have a bathroom that you can really spread out it, welcome to your spa. If you have a room you can black out like a cinema, say hello to your new home theater.


You have to get creative here & work it out.

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