Mother May I

As long as there are kids, there are mothers; however they may come.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday & it’s apparently the only day we’re expected to celebrate the glory that is women.

But, it isn’t biological-carrying-natural-birth-married-first-time moms we’re talking about. We’re talking about all moms. & Grandmoms. & Stepmoms. & Dadmoms. & Matriarchs in general.

On Mother’s Day, we not only celebrate the mothers we still have, but we mourn the ones we lost & yurn for the ones we never knew.

Disclaimer: being a mother doesn’t make you a mom. having kids doesn’t give you the right to abuse them. family is what you make it & it doesn’t matter who you wish to exclude from that group, or why.

This is for the moms that gave us all they got. The ones who broke us down knowing we could build ourselves back up. The ones who taught us to cook, whether it was through her recipes or her mistakes. The ones who kissed all boo-boos & fought all monsters. The ones who fight the real monsters & kiss the real boo-boos, even if that means we didn’t see them as often as we all wished. The ones who protected us, even if she got hurt in the process. The ones who taught our hearts to beat & our lungs to breathe. The ones who taught us to swim. & took us to birthday parties. The ones who did as much as she possibly could & still didn’t think she was enough. To the ones, whoever she is, we love. To mom.

I won’t turn this into some feminist rant about the under appreciation of women in general, because honestly I cried writing that last passage thinking about all the reasons I’ve ever heard someone say they love their mom. (Though I so easily could).

So instead of reading a sappy post, go tell your mother you love her.

I’ve always had a mom & wouldn’t know what it feels like to not have one, but she does. & So does she.

My Mom always wanted one thing in Mother’s Day: time to herself. My dad would take us for that weekend every year. We’d stay at a hotel for the room service & free breakfast & pool. It was our annual overnight vacation. For us it was awesome: granting mom’s wish meant a mini-vacay. It was everyone else who had issues, but this arrangement didn’t involve everyone else & wasn’t anyone else’s to judge.

Some moms want peace & quiet.

Some moms want love & loudness.

All moms want what they want on mother’s day & (of all days) this isn’t the one to tell her “no.”

But, what about you? Celebrate Mother’s Day on your own terms.

Mother’s day is this Sunday, May 12th, 2019

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