We Don’t Deserve Dogs

There’s hundreds of thousands (of probably millions) of posts with the same title & Today, I’m going to make my own. About the history of human’s loyalest companion.

The domestication of dogs goes as far back as the beginning of mankind. Dogs, descendant from wolves, are pack animals by nature. Joining human families, in place of canine packs, seems to suit many dogs just fine.

While every dog has a unique personality & skill set, like every human, most dogs are goal orientated. This makes some dogs easy to train & other dogs seemingly impossible. Regardless, every dog is a good boy.


Sully (& the other Bush pups)

In June 2018, former U.S. President George H. W. Bush was assigned the most important aide he could get: Sully, the yellow Labrador. Sully is a fully trained service dog for disabled military veterans &  George’s best friend for the last 6 months of his 94 years.

Sully rose to fame with the American public through his own Instagram page, but the Bush’s have been a notably dog loving family for generations. While in office, George H. W. Bush & Barbara had Springer Spaniels named Millie & later her puppy, Ranger. & Later George W. Bush & Laura had Spot, another of Millie’s puppies.

Sully now works in Maryland at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center interacting with patients to reduce stress.

 Speaking of White House Pups

The last ones in the White House were former President Barack Obama & Michelle’s Portuguese Water Dogs Bo & Sunny.


California Wildfire Heroes & Survivors

The 2019 California wildfire were devastating. Period. When natural disasters like that happen, we all lose. Families lost homes. Wild animals were displaced. Everything was wrong for many people.

After the last firefighter returned home & the ash settled. People stood in empty open lots of black where their lives once stood. Devastated by losing everything, one family experienced the surprise of a lifetime. While many animals & people succumbed to the wildfires, some persisted. I remember reading at least a handful of stories about the family returning home to find their dog guarding the ghost of their home.



Now that last year’s wildfire are behind us, the stories are too. Except for one, which just made a turn for the better well after the dust had settled. 101 days after jumping from his owner’s truck during their evacuation, the owner returned home, to find the Anatolian shepherd mix seemingly unharmed. A neighbor had been caring for the doggo’s brother Miguel, but also left food & water hoping for Madison to return. When the evacuation orders were lifted & Andrea was allowed to go home, she found all she needed waiting for her there.

“You could never ask for a better animal,” owner Andrea Gaylord said, “you really couldn’t.”

2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


This year at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, crowds were wow’ed by dogs who didn’t even close to place. This year, many of the dogs who competed had personalities bigger than the judges or the audience were expecting.

2019 WKC Best in Show


Famous or not, all dogs are champions of the heart.

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