Make Up Your Mind

If there’s one thing I can hoard, it’s beauty products & I can justify it every time. I’ve found that a lot of people secretly hoard make up samples and beauty products from hotels under the premise that it could do me good one day. The problem is, beauty products go bad & then they can do some real harm.

What happens when skin care products expire?

So, in the interest of my skin & myself, I’m adopting a bit of good karma new thinking into my life. The whole “get something; get rid of something” idea.

I’m a maxxinista. I’m the type of ipsy member to jump on bundled deals. I clip coupons & wait for sales. & tho doing all of that may sound like a good thing, it can turn into a bad thing fast.

Understanding Hoarding

Hoarding can be related to compulsive buying (such as never passing up a bargain), the compulsive acquisition of free items (such as collecting flyers), or the compulsive search for perfect or unique items (which may not appear to others as unique, such as an old container).

Hoarding vs. Collecting

Hoarding is not the same as collecting. In general, collectors have a sense of pride about their possessions and they experience joy in displaying and talking about them. They usually keep their collection organized, feel satisfaction when adding to it, and budget their time and money.

Those who hoard usually experience embarrassment about their possessions and feel uncomfortable when others see them. They have clutter, often at the expense of livable space, feel sad or ashamed after acquiring additional items, and they are often in debt.

Now, thinking about your medicine cabinet, or vanity, or linen closet, which way do you fall? There’s no shame in either, unless you need help & refuse to seek it to the point where your quality of life is diminished. It’s important to understand if someone you know has a hoarding problem, you likely won’t be on the same page as them about their belongings. It’s not always necessary, but may be helpful if you or they seek professional help in these situations.

If you or someone you love has a problem with hoarding, click here.

This post is about the prevention of hoarding habits. Whether you have a hoarding disorder or not, you can fall victim to junk. While junk drawers & drop spots can always have their place, we also know they have their own little set of unspoken rules.

As far as beauty products are concerned I have adopted a new set of rules to live by to keep my collection at bay.

I’ve designated a space (in my case a drawer) for face care, body care & hair care. I also have two new clear acrylic organizers by Sorbus Beauty for my make up (this one & this one!) & each drawer is for a different kind of make up. I’ve labeled the drawers & that’s all the space I get. If i can’t fit everything, something has to go. Use it or lose it.

For organizing check out my 5 step series:


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