Be Joyful

On this day, Tuesday, December 25th, 2018, I ask us all – devout Christian or not – to just be joyful.

Find joy in the little things in life
Find joy in the big things in life
Find your joy in life

Enjoy your time on Earth, whatever may come with it
Enjoy your family, however they become to you
Enjoy your time with others, especially those who have less time than you
Enjoy all the privileges life has afforded you
Enjoy the success of making it through your struggles
Enjoy yourself, you’re all you have from beginning to end

Rejoice over how far you’ve come
Rejoice over who you are
Rejoice over where you’re at
Rejoice over how far you’ve yet to go

It’s not about Christmas, that’s just the excuse for a post to remind you that you don’t need a reason to be joyous.

p.s. Merry Christmas

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