Wintertime Tips

Winter can be a harsh season for a lot of people in many different parts of the world. The colder temperatures and many types of frozen precipitation is a lot to deal with on top of the many family obligations people face these times of year.

I’ve comprised a well thought out list of all things (little and large) you can do to improve your overall quality of life in the wintertime.

For your home:

  • Have your furnace maintenance done in the fall, to avoid wintertime service calls
  • Replace filters & have duct work cleaned before you turn anything on
  • Switch ceiling fans direction to clockwise
  • Insulate AC units, windows, doors & water pipes
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water heater from 140 to 120
  • Don’t set your thermostat higher than 72
  • Salt for melting. Sand for traction. Don’t use together, they work against each other.

For your car:

  • Have car maintenance done before first snow fall, paying special mind to tires, brakes, battery, anti-freeze, belts & hoses & oil
  • Pay attention to tire air pressure
  • Keep your tank at half or fuller
  • Let it run in cold weather undisturbed a few minutes before driving
  • Consider buying all weather or snow tires
  • Drive slower, give more braking distance, account for longer commutes instead of rushing.
  • Do not use cruise control or auto pilot features in slick conditions
  • Pack an ICE pack
  • Avoid parking, stopping or speeding on hills
  • If you start sliding

For your wardrobe:

  • Keep basics & swap seasonal statement pieces
  • Protect fragile textiles (leather, suede, etc)
  • Up your undies & thicken your socks

For your skin:

  • Avoid scalding hot showers
  • Use a body scrub to exfoliate
  • Use a body wash to nourish
  • Use baby oil to moisturize
  • Stay hydrated inside & out

For your hair:

  • Shampoo less, condition more
  • Use a deep treatment on your day off
  • Give the bleach a rest
  • Swap heat styling for less damaging methods
  • Don’t go in the cold with wet hair

For your health:

  • Consider buying a humidifier
  • Up your vitamin C, D & E intake
  • Don’t over use hand sanitizer
  • Adjust, don’t abandon, your workout
  • Hang out with your friends

For your relationship:

  • Avoid cuffing
  • Don’t let the spark fizzle
  • Go back to dating basics
  • Don’t let cabin fever destroy home life

For your family:

  • Keep warm together
  • Use time off effectively
  • Respect personal space

For your pets:

  • Keep pets inside, overnight especially
  • Build winterized shelters for community cats
  • Don’t skip flea/tick/heart worm treatments

For the snow:

  • Watch the weather & prepare ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute
  • Use milk crates to create perfect igloo blocks. Stagger blocks & make each layer a bit closer to the center. If the edges don’t meet at the top, drop an umbrella thru the hole to cap it
  • Take pristine pictures before romping around (& after!)
  • Do not eat the any-color-other-than-white snow, unless edible food dye is involved

The absolute best thing you can do in the winter for yourself is to enjoy it. Don’t sit around disdaining the cold or the snow. While Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is considered a legitimate mental health diagnosis, most people I know to have self-diagnosed themselves are simply bored. Even those diagnosed with SAD, after finding an effective treatment plan, can learn to love wintertime.

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