Ulta-mite List

Did you like my pun? lol. ok. ANYWAYS

Below is my list of Ulta carried brands broken down into the 9 categories that I defined a few posts ago. To make it easier for everyone, I am utilizing brands that primarily sell make-up.

Click here to view the Ulta-mite List.


This break-down list is NOT meant to demean or promote ANY brand. Drugstore brands can be just as awesome as Designer brands. This is just a way I am comfortable understanding, categorizing & talking about make-up brands. Refer to my original post (Beauty Break Down) for a full explanation as to the how’s & why’s of these categories.

As I made this list, several brands were hard to categorize – some could easily fit into multiple categories. I am also not fully versed on Celebrity & Guru brands – if it’s not apparent, I may have missed them. If you believe I’ve miscategorized a brand, let me know in the comment section of the post. I regularly update / fix my posts & Google docs to provide accurate information. 🙂

I chose Ulta because their stores carry Drugstore to Designer brands. That being said, they don’t offer as many examples for some categories as others, so I’ve included extra examples (sold at Sephora) for additional reference. Ulta & Sephora have very different missions as retailers, but neither is better than the other — it’s all about brand availability & preference. For the differences between the two check out this article by Jessica Tyler of Business Insider — while she does choose a “winner” she outlines the pros & cons of shopping at both retailers.

Sephora Brand Mini-Guide:

No Name Brand: NONE
Drugstore Brand: Neutrogena
Drugstore Retail Brand: NONE
Beauty Retail Brand: Sephora Collection
Guru Brand: Huda Beauty
Celebrity Brand: Fenty Beauty
Luxe Brand: Charlotte Tillbury
Luxury Brand:  Natasha Denona
Designer Brand: Dior

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