The Ultimate Packing List

Every time I’m planning any kind of vacation, I google for “the list.” My goal is always to find the perfect packing list for where I’m going & what I’m doing & how I’m feeling, and I always ended up with multiple overlapping lists that made me look completely neurotic. & I pretty much forgot something anyway.

In college, I afforded one out-of-state vacation each year. Freshman year, I went to the Berkshires on Spring Break & literally forgot to back any underwear. I had to buy (& pay MA taxes) on a weeks worth of panties & bras. Since then, I devised my own custom packing list.

The Ultimate Packing List.
Storytime over.

I realized I was desperately searching for a “perfect” list that didn’t exist. Some lists are too simple. Some lists are too complicated. Some lists assume things about readers. Some lists make no sense at all. Some lists tell you how much to pack. Some lists leave more room for interpretation. There’s nothing wrong with any of the lists out there, they’re just not right for me. So, I made one that is. & Maybe it’s the right list for someone else too.

It’s long, but thorough. Thoroughly 4 pages long.

It’s vague, but inclusive, which is right on brand.

It’s on a Google Doc, so it’s easily shareable.

It can only be viewed because while I want to share it, it’s still mine.

Click here to view The Ultimate Packing List.

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