Junk Drawers & Drop Spots

My personal secret to success.

When abused, Junk Drawers are a nightmare. When neglected, Drop Spots are an eye sore. When utilized properly both can be real game changers.

It’s no secret here that life is messy. We’re busy. We’re lazy. I get it.

Junk Drawers & Drop Spots are the opportunity for a legitimately organized mess in a way that helps in the short term without harming in the long term.

Junk Drawers should be located in high traffic areas, but could literally exist anywhere. They’re more a matter of what kind of junk you need a whole drawer for than what drawer you’re going to sacrifice for junk. Giving each Junk Drawer a basic theme can help you determine what should be there & what shouldn’t. With so many hands in the honey jar, it can be challenging to keep them super organized. Using the right organizers to maximize the space with all different shapes is the best way to help an overwhelmed Junk Drawer. Adjustable separators are a great option for Junk Drawers because you can adjust them over time as you needs for different kinds of junk adjusts. Being sure to rummage through these drawers frequently to prevent the build up of everything & nothing, which eliminates the need to dump the whole thing out whenever you need a paperclip.

Drop Spots aren’t as much a matter of what’s in the spot as much as it is where the spot is & how it contains the stuff you (literally) throw at it. Drop Spots should be conveniently placed throughout your life to make it easier, not messier. The location for these may not be obvious, but they’re not totally hidden either. This is the whole “take note of your everyday life” thing I was talking about. You’ll find the perfect place to designate Drop Spots as you become more aware of your daily habits.

As I’ve mentioned, Junk Drawers & Drop Spots alike can help in the short term without harming in the long term. By that, I mean in intention not necessarily execution. The intention of Junk Drawers & Drop Spots is to temporarily home frequently used items in your life. Sometimes, we get so caught up in dropping our junk, we’ll just throw anything on the pile — and that’s the undoing of a positive system. Tools can be helpful, as long as they’re not abused or neglected. Luckily, because both Junk Drawers & Drop Spots are designated areas, they usually contain messes quite well, even once their out of control. One good purge and your back to basics faster than you can say, “Junk Drawers & Drop Spots.”

Junk Drawer

Drop Spot

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