Step Four


If you’re wondering what the difference between Organization and Placement is, you’re not alone.

When initially outlining this process, it only had 4 steps, and Placement wasn’t one of them. However in expanding these 4 steps, I realized Organization was too broad of a category to fully encompass all the points I wanted to make. Therefore, Placement was born.

Placement is just as important to Consistency as Organization. Placement acknowledges the nuances of your life that make it specific to you. Honoring your specific needs when considering furniture placement can significantly improve the function of a room, or the flow of your day. If you’re dealing with built-ins, or organizing your work office, you likely don’t have options to rearrange large furniture, this is when the placement of smaller organizers becomes critical. All you really have to keep in mind during this step is yourself (and anyone else who regularly uses the area in question).

If there was one cut & dry way to be organized and arrange furniture and live, the world wouldn’t be as fun. People are different & that’s more than ok. The more personalized your organization is, the more likely you are to keep up with it. Organizing your stuff in a way that you can’t keep up with doesn’t help anyone, even if it looks nicer the day you set it up.

Organization first and foremost is for function, not fashion. Having rose gold-plated desk organizers is not going to make you organize your desk if they’re not the types of organizers you need. Get creative & shop smart. Take measurements and get a little neurotic about it. If you want it to work and look good you can do it, you just have to do it.

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