Step Three


This is a step we’ve all been waiting for. This is the climax to the story. This is the epitome of my blog.

Organization is not necessarily easy, but it’s also not necessarily difficult. After sorting everything by type, but before putting it all back is the purge. The basic notion of this step has been glamorized in everything from TV shows to movies: Keep, Trash, & Donate, but with my additions of Store & Retail. Stay tuned for my post on just this!

This relatively self-explanatory part of the process may seem easier than it really is. Humans are emotional beings and we tend to get attached to things irrationally. The few that don’t aren’t likely to be reading this post. If, like me, you get attached to everything down to a single earring because it reminds you of the day you lost the other one and the day you got both, this part may be very trying for you, but it’s all uphill battle from here!

The next half of this step has to do with how you’re going to organize everything you’ve sorted. A lot of times, creativity is the key in effective personalized organization. Furniture is not designed with your needs specifically in mind, but there is something out there to fit anyone’s needs & budget.

I’ve found in some circumstances, you may already have everything you need, you just don’t have everything where it should go. Playing musical drawers can bring you from overstuffed to room for growth.

On the topic of playing musical drawers, you’ll likely have to do this at least a million times. Every time you try to put anything away, unless you have really awesome spatial recognition abilities, you’ll likely change your mind a few times & that’s ok. When you reorganize your stuff you also have to reorganize the way you think because you have to reprogram your muscle memory. This means that you’re going to have a lot of internal debate about where things should go and that means you’re fully committed to the process so YAY YOU!

Last, but not least, organization on a basic level is a completely free process if you do it alone. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you need to buy anything in order to live an organized lifestyle. That being said, there are lots of affordable options & DIY projects to relieve you of the many organization based financial stresses you may be facing, but we’ll get into those later.

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