Step 1.5

In terms of addiction, step one is awareness of self & from there my metaphor is pretty much lost.

Before I can move on to the next step, I need to create the next step. Therefore “Step 1.5” is my offering the world a step-by-step process of how to organize the chaos we call life. It is my goal to make this process specific enough to be helpful, but vague enough to be inclusive.

Step One: Awareness
Admit it. Just admit it. Whatever’s weighing you down, just admit it. Admit you hoarded those receipts. Admit that you’ll never do anything with that scrap. Admit that deleting those emails will do nothing. Admit that you have too much stuff & not enough space. Admit that you are human & cut yourself some slack. Feel better? Good. That’s step one.

Step Two: Discovery
Gather everything that’s alike — pens, shirts, pay stubs, sewing needles, craft paper, invoices, stuffed animals, screwdrivers — whatever it is & pile it up. This is the “organized mess” stage. You will feel a plethora of embarrassment, shame, nostalgia, pride, anxiety, and emotional in general at this point. Let it all in. Soak it all up & wring yourself out before you’re drowning in too much of too much. Gathering everything from everywhere you put things will give you a better idea of how much of what you have. Stay tuned for my post on just this!

Step Three: Organization
With everything laid out right in front of you — taking up all your floor space, the counters, the side tables — it’s time to get this all sorted out. Be honest with yourself when sorting in to the timeless Keep, Throw, Donate piles & then some. Don’t fall into the same trap that got you to this post in the first place. Stay tuned for my post on just this!

Step Four: Placement
As important as sorting through everything to condense your collections is, it’s just as important how you store and/or display what you’ve got and where. Small spaces call for big ideas & there’s nothing more I love than playing Tetris with …anything really. Finding the right balance in life is what we’re all after, and furniture is no exception. Stay tuned for my post on just this!

Step Five: Consistency
This final step is the least exciting, but easily the most crucial. Keeping up with your hard work is what all this was about. Cleaning isn’t the best, but it doesn’t have to be the worst. There are plenty of easy ways to stay on track without feeling like you live under the sink. Stay tuned for my post just on this!

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