Step One

My whole life I’ve found myself straightening pens at work & re-stacking anything anywhere I go. I fold clothes in stores after other customers tear them apart. I recall my graphic design teacher exclaiming at how almost unnecessarily thorough I had organized my files for a 4 month class. My roommate never knew where her keys were, but I always did. My cat thinks I forget to feed him, but I don’t.

Order has always been a key component to my happiness. While others aren’t bothered by dirty floors or clutter, I am. In college, I would have to clean my dorm before I could get any work done because the chaos distracted me — even if I couldn’t see it. Call it what you may, all I have to do is keep the order that keeps me happy & I’m just that.

It’s not that I enjoy living my life within the confines of a box, but it’s easier to start within the lines.

Step one in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.
Hi, my name is Brittany & hard as I try my life is still just organized chaos.

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